We offer excellent maths tuition for students in year 4 up to A Level in Bradford and Doncaster. We can tutor students for SATs, GCSEs and A Level examinations. We also provide 11+ tuition for grammar school entry. We tutor in Bradford, Doncaster and the surrounding areas. If you're looking for a private tutor in any area of Bradford or Doncaster, you can contact us using the Contact form below. We are also available for online tuition.

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  • Tadd Whiteley
    Tadd Whiteley

    An Amazing tutor. Helped me bring my maths grades to an A* at the end and it was extremely engaging and useful throughout.

  • Bernard Mooney
    Bernard Mooney

    Outstanding! We cannot thank Kevin enough. Fabulous tutor who brought out the best in our son in a very short period of time. Highly recommend!

  • TraceyJ-102

    Kevin is an excellent maths tutor. He is very patient and explained everything in a way my child understood. She was below her target when she started but passed her year 6 SATS and has grown with confidence over the last few years until now when she can keep up with the levels she needs to be at. I would highly recommend Kevin, The Yorkshire Maths Tutor- we were lucky to find him

  • AnnabelN-9

    My son made great progress during his maths lessons with Austin. His performance in exams at school improved, as did his feedback from his maths teacher at school.

  • JoanneK-175

    We approached the Yorkshire Maths Tutor as my son’s confidence had really dropped during lockdown. Kevin, then Austin really helped my son to gain confidence and improve in maths with a noticeable improvement in school test results. We would highly recommend both Kevin and Austin.

  • AmenaR-2

    Austin is an amazing Math tutor. His lessons are engaging, encouraging, enjoyable. He paces the lesson right for my son, my son feels challenged, but not overwhelmed. Austin is great at building confidence. I would highly recommend Austin to anyone.

  • StephM-119

    Our 15 year old daughter has been fortunate to have Austin for GCSE Maths since Sept. He is always on time, always has a plan and always leaves her more knowledgeable / capable from the previous lesson. She can be a taciturn teen; Austin is always upbeat and cheerful and gets her engaged. He is very flexible in terms of subject knowledge, and is able to offer tutoring is all sciences and English. I would recommend Austin without hesitation.

  • LaurenH-479

    Austin was a great tutor, very patient and went through things I struggled with. Was extremely understanding and always made sure I felt confident going into a test. Would highly recommend.

  • JeffersonH-2

    I was tutored by Kevin Ryan in Maths for the last 3 months of my course at college and it made all the difference. When I contacted Kevin my college tutors had my predicted grade down as a D and with Kevin’s help in my end of year exams (that were centre assessed due to covid) I achieved an overall of 61% which in recent years would have been enough for an A but due to the way it was assessed I achieved a final grade of a B so his guidance definitely helped and was 100% worthwhile. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor as he was very understanding and was very helpful when it came to my understanding on each aspect of the course I needed help with, if I needed extra help with a certain area he didn’t hesitate on going over it again to make sure I got there in the end. I would definitely recommend Kevin as a tutor to anyone at any level of study as he managed to improve my grade drastically in a very limited amount, so it’s never too late no matter how far into the course you are!

  • AimeeO-11

    Austin has tutored our son for 11+ exams for the last few weeks. Despite being virtual he made the lessons accessible and interesting. Most importantly for us he has given our son the reassurance and confidence he needed to sit the tests with self belief. Austin was approachable, has a relaxed and friendly manner and we would definitely recommend his tutoring service.

  • RichardjosB

    We have worked with Yorkshire tutors for over a year now and I couldn't be happier. My children needed more help than most and because of lockdown they fell behind in a few subjects. Kevin gave me Austin's number and after a quick phonecall with him we were good to go. Austin was clear and concise and my children connected with him right away. They enjoy their lessons and I never have to remind/bribe them to be ready for their sessions. I've seen lots of improvements and so happy to have Austin in our corner.

  • JudithF-67

    Austin Mackle taught my son Chemistry and he was an excellent teacher. He was punctual and flexible with timing and his lesson were very detailed and broken to the understanding of my son. He was able to work out areas where he struggled and helped tremendously. I saw a massive improvement in my sons understanding and this was also noticed by his teachers at school I would recommend Austin because he is an excellent tutor and a very pleasant person to work with

  • RebeccaS-694

  • PhyllisK-8

    We needed help with 5 GCSE subjects including science and maths and really didn't want to have multiple tutors so it was fantastic to have Austin cover everything for us. He is so friendly and my daughter was very happy after just one lesson. We did everything online which I was unsure of at first but there were no issues and my daughters confidence is through the roof and ready for her tests.

  • BlaineC-4

    Austin help with my sons exam prep and revision. He was quite unorganised and under confident in his maths and science subjects and after a few months with Austin things had improved so much. Thank you for your help.

  • RebeccaV-50

    I would highly recommend yorkshire maths tutor to anyone. They have taken my daughter from a maths hater to becoming her favourite subject. Always fun sessions with lots of understanding and patience. Excellent tutors

  • NicolaT-255

    I cannot recommend Kevin highly enough. Not only is he incredibly patient, but he also thinks of creative ways to explain a topic. Without him, I could never have passed GCSE Maths. He now tutors two of my children, who are steadily growing in confidence towards maths.

  • PeterK-467

    Kevin has been 'virtual' tutoring our 10 and 13 year olds using Zoom for several weeks now. We have been surprised at how effective the on-line tutoring has been, having only needed to invest in a wacom tablet (£50) that allows Kevin to give out a task and the children to write on the 'board' while Kevin guides them through the relevant method providing hints and tips along the way. Our 10 year old is becoming more confident with her maths and our 13 year old getting an early start on GCSEs. Kevin is an extremely patient and diligent tutor who clearly knows his maths. We highly recommend.

  • JamesC-5940

    Kevin was a great tutor who teaches concepts methodically, breaking them down to make them as easily understandable as possible. His teaching also gave me improved motivation to succeed, culminating in my most likely A level grade to move to an A*. Kevin is certainly a tutor worth trying while also being very reasonably priced. I’m certainly recommending Kevin to people I know.

  • AndyR-325

    Jamie has been fantastic for helping my daughter achieve higher grades. He explains things in an easy way for her to understand and without the usual pressures of trying to keep up with the rest of a class. He's made her feel at ease whilst also making sure he's strict enough for her to pay attention. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Jamie for your help.

  • HamidaK-5

    One of the best tutors I have had for both of my children. One of them being a difficult child but always looked forward to going to Kevin's maths classes. They both enjoyed his way of teaching and always ensures the students are 100% sure on their understanding of the maths he has taught them. I would definitely recommend Kevin for students of all abilities! Hamida- Bilal and Laila

  • IbrahimH-18

    Mr Ryan's teaching for understanding approach is incredible, the way he shows the methodology problem solving needed to answer questions is unparalleled. I have gone from barely grade D in A level Maths to a grade A. i would recommend him to anyone needing help in maths especially exam students.

  • MichaelS-1403

    Highly recommended, in the space of a couple of weeks my daughters understanding of Maths has improved, after 18 months of weekly lessons she has raised her expected grade significantly. It is a shame the GCSEs have been cancelled this year. I wish we had found Kevin sooner. Kevin is a really nice person and spends time to make sure his pupils understand the subject. If you are thinking may be yes, give Kevin a go, you will not regret it. Regards, Michael.

  • ATH24

    A fantastic tutor. Excellent subject and curriculum knowledge. Really gets to understand how students think and approach mathematics. Highly recommended.

  • AfsahZ

    Kevin is an astounding tutor, the student-tailored approach worked amazingly for me. My weakness was always statistics, I could never understand what was being asked but when Kevin thoroughly explained it to me with the aid of examples I was able to understand the topic completely. Cannot recommend Kevin highly enough...

  • SamanthaG-165

    Yorkshire Maths Tutor were brilliant with helping my son with his revision for his GCSE Maths. My son said he worked well with Kevin and that he helped him cement the knowledge he had and gave him confidence to tackle more difficult questions. He was predicted a 5/6 and achieved a 7. Would highly recommend Yorkshire Maths Tutor

  • ZulekhaI

    I would 100% recommend Kevin for maths . He uses every minute to teach you and will make sure you understand the subject quickly . I went to Kevin via a recommdation and to be honest my anxiety with maths was pretty high . I needed to pass a numeracy test for teacher training with a deadline and the maths test was quite a difficult test . I went to Kevin and he managed to create that self belief that I could tackle this test . My confidence grew session by session rapidly . 10/10 I can’t thank him enough for allowing me to conquer my fear of maths and start my teaching career !

  • EllenM-57

    I decided I wanted my daughter to have maths tuition to improve her knowledge of maths and give her a firm understanding of arithmetic. I looked at options and found Kevin's website , read some of the reviews from very happy parents. My daughter started having tuition with Kevin last September. With his kind, patient, knowledgeable approach, her confidence with maths improved massively. She did her KS2 year 6 sats in May and achieved a very high score in maths. She is now in top set in maths at her secondary school. Which is obviously very important in this competitive educational environment. Thank you Kevin, for giving her this belief in her ability with arithmetic and her understanding that there are different ways of approaching the same math problem.

  • MelanieS-94

    Many thanks to Zed Masqood! My daughter has just finished her first day at Greenhead College after Zed tutored her in her final year at high school. This improved her math by 2 grades, she can now go on and follow her chosen study and career path. Zed has given her so much confidence, not just in math, but in herself too, I will always be so grateful to him for the time and hard work that he spent helping her believe in herself. Thank you.

  • OliviaA-38

    Kevin Ryan is a brilliant maths tutor who helped me pass my GCSE maths with a grade 4 when my school told me I was going to fail and only get a grade 1. When I started working with Kevin I was working at a grade 1 level and he helped me understand the GCSE maths papers by teaching me basic maths skills then eventually working me towards grade 4 and 5 maths skills. Kevin was very patient and taught me many methods to find the one that worked best for me and boosted my confidence which meant I was also much less anxious when taking my GCSE exams. I honestly never thought I was capable of passing maths but thanks to Kevin I have achieved more than I could ever have imagined.

  • LailaK-6

    An amazing tutor! I was at a grade 5 when I started going to Yorkshire maths tutor, and within a year I was on a grade 7. I looked forward to every session as he helped me understand everything I was stuck on.

  • JulieC-545

    I would to say a big thank you to Zed Maqsood for tutoring my son Jack, he achieved a 6 in his mocks and with Zed’s help he achieved a fantastic 8 with only 9 points from a 9. This was due to patience and calming approach he takes when teaching.Jack had lost the love of maths but because Zed made it interesting he is now carrying on to do A-level Maths. I would definitely recommend this tutoring service and use them again. Thanks again Julie Crowther

  • AdamM-501

    We can not recommend Kevin highly enough, for his amazing one to one tuition of my daughter.He has done a fantastic job of tutoring her for her SATs ,which she passed comfortably beyond all out expectations. A great teacher who listens and tailor suits their abilities and needs. He has brought back her confidence in maths and looks forward to his weekly visits. Thank you very much , it is brilliant to see how far she has come with your help.

  • TraceyJ-102

    Kevin is an excellent tutor and my daughter has just passed her Sats with help from Kevi. He is very patient and makes learning fun. She loves going and will be back in September.

  • JulieC-545

    My son is currently being tutored by Zed Maqmood, I would like to say thank you for bringing back the spark and love of maths back to Jack. You’re doing an amazing job with him. We would definitely recommend him and this website. Thanks Kevin for passing Zed’s details.

  • ElizabethL-80

    Excellent tuition for my son who was preparing for the 11+ exam. Focussed, engaging and challenging one to one sessions. I recommend Yorkshire Maths Tutor to anyone needing tuition for the 11+

  • MelanieS-94

    My daughter has 1-1 tuition with Zed Maqsood for GCSE maths each week. We count ourselves very lucky to have found him, her understanding and confidence levels have increased hugely in a relatively short space of time. Now enthusiastically looking forward to her maths lessons both at home and at school. Thank you

  • AzraS-2

    Fantastic, reliable and well worth the money. My child exceeded expectations. Thank you so much.

  • ShamshirS

    Kevin helped my Fatima develop her understanding of Maths which gave her the confidence and ability to achieve excellent results in her maths exams. Kevin has excellent knowledge of the curriculum and can deliver lessons using a variety of methods that suit the pupils learning style. Prior to Kevin's support Fatima was extremely concerned about her lack of progress in the subject however the support and the manner he delivers the lesson is extremely pleasant and professional and really helped boost her confidence and grades. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Kevin as we tried to work with other tutors, however none really had the ability to deliver what we required. With Kevin you get somebody who listens to your needs and will work with you in developing any element of maths you feel you may need the support. We really can't thank him enough. I've already booked my son in to start lessons in September. Advice: BOOK EARLY!!

  • JoeV-11

    Just got an A in my A-levels and I owe it all to Kevin, a kind and talented tutor

  • ShazeeaH

    We found Kevin on Yell about a year and a half ago and it was like finding a piece of treasure! Kevin tutored two of my children, 1-1 for weekly lessons - my son first for Further Maths and then my daughter for GCSE Maths. Kevin provided both of them with quality tuition. There are plenty of Maths tutors advertising their services but you won't be disappointed with Kevin as he's a professional who knows what he is doing and talking about which gave us peace of mind to trust his teaching. My children realised in the first lesson just how good Kevin's teaching was and they got on very well with him. Kevin is a very nice friendly gentleman who was always punctual, reliable, very well organised, calm, patient and helpful. He came to the lessons with enthusiasm and was always well prepared with the support of material. We would recommend Kevin very highly. Thank you Kevin!

  • BarbaraM-64

    Our daughter Hannah has always lacked confidence in Maths & as she entered her GCSE year we decided that it would be beneficial for her to have some extra tuition. Kevin came highly recommended by her current maths teacher & we were lucky enough to secure a weekly lesson for her. Kevin is an excellent teacher & has helped Hannah to have belief in her ability & dare I say it actually enjoy the subject! We can't recommend him enough.

  • RajaJ-3

    Kevin is an excellent tutor for my children. His experience and teaching techniques are second to none and my son has done very well in his SATS thanks to his support. Kevin is able to work with each child at their level, and has the ability to tailor the session with work books and on screen material to suit each child's needs. I would highly recommend him.

  • DarrenB-105

    My son had always struggled with confidence in mathematics and despite previously trying a well known private tutoring company for several months and a private tutor he showed limited progress and it was a weekly struggle to get him to the sessions. Kevin has worked with our son since year ten and the change in confidence and attitude towards maths has far outweighed our expectations. We are extremely proud to share that our son who was not recognised as capable of being selected for top set in his school has achieved three maths related GCSEs in Statistics, Further maths and maths. I would also add that his learning aided an excellent pass in the triple sciences GCSEs. The extent of his confidence has led him to now pursue A level mathematics as well as pursuing his triple sciences. I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin as a professional and extremely reliable maths tutor to release the full potential of your child.

  • LucyB-64

    Kevin tutored my son for GCSE Maths this year.He was excellent.Not only did he achieve a grade B but more importantly he went into the exam with confidence.He even admitted to enjoying the maths sessions and looking forward to sitting the exam.I would recommend Kevin as a superb tutor.

  • AndyA-14

    My son Oliver had always struggled with math's and with his GCSE's in sight we decided to something sooner rather than later. Kev's name had been suggested to us by friends and we decided to meet up for an initial meet/chat. Oliver was not initially overjoyed with the thoughts of a tutor but he warmed to him immediately and we soon saw his confidence with figures begin to grow. Oliver passed his GCSE with a higher mark than we had hoped for and we both wished we had met Kev earlier. We decided to retain Kev's services for our daughter Eleanor who is in year 8 and like Oliver she is now making up huge ground with the areas of maths she struggled with. Thanks Kev!

  • JulieJ-4

    My daughter has always struggled with maths and following a disappointing result in the summer GCSE's of 2015 we found Kevin. I only wish we had found him sooner! He explains things very clearly and prepares really helpful revision notes. He taught some new methods which she understood much better than those taught at school. He is very friendly and puts the student at ease. She only had a few weeks before the November re-sit to study with Kevin but that was all it took to pass the re-sit. We cannot recommend Kevin highly enough.

  • slinacre

    Kevin tutored our son for six months in 2015 ahead of an 11+ exam, and was absolutely first class. I was impressed by not only his teaching ability, but the dedication he showed in researching verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests for our son. We can't recommend him highly enough!

  • Neelam1987

    I got a grade D for GCSE but never really enjoyed maths at school. I just found the topics so hard. I had been offered a place for teacher training in September and one of my conditions was to pass a maths GCSE equivalency test. I found some of the topics were Higher GCSE maths which i never did at school. Kevin really build my confidence to tackle complicated topics such as algebra and transformations. I started to enjoy studying for this exam and not be frightened of maths. He made topics and methods clear and was really supportive. I would highly recommend him as a tutor because he makes a difference to your learning and makes you enjoy studying maths.

  • davejon72

    I cannot recommend Kevin Ryan highly enough as a maths tutor. He provides 30 minutes tuition to two of my primary school aged children once a week. They look forward to it each week and have really bonded with Kevin. They respond extremely well to his style of tutoring. He makes maths 'fun' whilst still ensuring they make good progress.

  • ATH24

    Kevin is currently tutoring my daughter who is in year 6.She has immediately warmed to his enthusiasm and patience and has made noticeable progress just a few weeks of tuition. Even her class teacher has seen her progress and she received a 'maths star' award for speed in a test at school. Kevin presents maths in a way which is fun and accessible and combines maths games with methods that children are familiar with from school. He identifies the areas that the child finds difficult and works to help them improve. I would highly recommend him!

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