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Bitpaper  has become a subscription based platform from 1st April 2020, but for its's amazing functionality and ease of use for the student, I don't believe there is any software out there to compete with it! The cost of the subscription will be paid by us though, and the student will always have free access to a shared whiteboard.

Bitpaper allows you to communicate using a shared whiteboard, and from my testing works on Windows 10 and 11, Android tablets, ipads and Macs.

To get the ultimate student experience though, you will need to purchase a pen stylus to write on the easy to use Bitpaper whiteboard (eg Wacom Intuos S , HUION or similar for laptops). A number od laptops now already allow you to write with a digital pen on the screen.

For ipad users the apple pen would be recommended (bear in mind they are quite expensive), but a couple of my students have successfully been writing fairly repectably on their ipads with just a finger!



One lesson will change your Perspective on maths
"Mr Ryan's teaching for understanding approach is incredible, the way he shows the methodology problem solving needed to answer questions is unparalleled. I have gone from barely grade D in A level Maths to a grade A. i would recommend him to anyone needing help in maths especially exam students."
Ibrahim H - Year 13 A Level Maths Student March 2020
If in doubt, give Kevin a try for at least one lesson, it is all you will need to make up your mind
"Highly recommended, in the space of a couple of weeks my daughters understanding of Maths has improved, after 18 months of weekly lessons she has raised her expected grade significantly. It is a shame the GCSEs have been cancelled this year. I wish we had found Kevin sooner. Kevin is a really nice person and spends time to make sure his pupils understand the subject. If you are thinking may be yes, give Kevin a go, you will not regret it."
Michael S - parent of Year 11 GCSE student March 2020
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