GCSE to A Level Transition Tests

1a-1 Expanding brackets and simplifying expressions

1a-2 Surds

1a-3 Rules of Indices

1b-1 Factorising expressions

1b-2 Completing the square

1b-3 Solving quadratic equations

1b-4 Sketching quadratic graphs

1c-1 Solving linear simultaneous equations

1c-2 Solving linear and quadratic simultaneous equations

1c-3 Solving simultaneous equations graphically1d-1 Linear inequalities

1d-1 Linear inequalities

1d-2 Quadratic inequalities

1e Sketching cubic and reciprocal graphs

1f Translating graphs

2a-1 Straight line graphs

2a-2 Parallel and perpendicular lines

2a-3 Pythagoras’ theorem

2a-4 Proportion_done

2b Circle theorems

4a Trigonometry

6a Rearranging equations

6b Volume and surface area of 3D shapes

7b Area under a graph

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